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Rob and Becca Ketterling are members of the ARC Lead Team and and Lead Pastors of River Valley Church, a multisite church that launched in Minnesota in 1995. It has since grown into a thriving church with nearly 10,000 in attendance across nine U.S. campuses and one international campus. Pastor Rob’s latest book, “Fix It!” is available now.

At the ARC Conference in Birmingham, Pastor Rob shared a powerful message about raising pastor’s kids in church and how we can equip our children to fulfill their destiny.


Notes from this session:
  • Pray prophetically and systematically over your children. (Download: 31 virtues to pray over your children.)
  • Give your kids something to look forward to.
  • Help them to own responsibility of hearing the voice of God.
  • Fight the right battles; battles of the heart, not battles of the hair.
  • Cheer them on!
  • Complain on the porch, not in front of the kids.
  • Celebrate your PK’s!